performer kim fire eating

performer kim fire eatingperformer kim fire eating

performer eva fire fans

performer eva fire fansperformer eva fire fans

performer shon sasquatch poi

performer shon sasquatch poiperformer shon sasquatch poi

performer kimberly fire hoop

performer kimberly fire hoopperformer kimberly fire hoop
"The first thing you notice is the light - two fiery orbs, all brilliant oranges and yellows, cutting a merciless path
through the black. They arc and fall and weave as though someone has grabbed handfuls of the sun and set them dancing." - Seattle PI

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Pyrosutra Fire Performances:
A complete calendar of our upcoming events. Find out where and when we're performing, read about our upcoming projects and stay in touch!
The Pyrosutra Cast:
Read about the Seattle's Pyrosutra crew and browse photographs of them in action. See past fire performances, preparing for fire manipulation and more.
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Pyrosutra is proud to be closely connected with many other talented artists and organizations who have contributed to our success over the years. Here you will find our colleagues, collaborators and people we love doing amazing things across the globe.
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Pyrosutra is a world-renowned performance troupe with more than a decade of experience bringing unique entertainment to audiences of all sizes.

Whether you need one performer for a short set or the entire troupe to perform an in depth choreographed routine Pyrosutra is the choice for your next event.

We combine choreographed bellydance, break-dance and stilt walking with a wide range of professional fire performance techniques and innovative tools.
First Night Tacoma-Pierce County Dec 31st, 2014
Pyrosutra will be performing at First Night Tacoma-Pierce County a family-friendly, arts-centered, alcohol free celebration of New Year''s Eve that takes place throughout the downtown Tacoma theater district. link

Pyrostura will perform at The Big Building 11:30PM during the Stormcleod & Hojo's DJ set. This party is going to be crazy come early to avoid the line, stay until 6am for the amazing music. link

EnJoy Productions event Sep 6th, 2014
Private party in Tacoma

50th Birthday Party Aug 29th, 2014
Private performance on Lake Stevens.

Georgetown Carnival Jun 14th, 2014
Pyrosutra will be stilting at the carnival, stop by and say 'hi'. link

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